AdBlock Monetizer – WordPress Plugin

This plugin helps you to monetise AdBlock Users. This plugin is able to detect adblock software. If your WordPress website provides quality content and your main source of money is advertising, than you lose money if your visitors use AdBlock.
Of course, you can install a plugin that please visitors to disable AdBlock, but what you do if the visitor don’t want?
This plugin offer the opurtunity to your visitors to view your website content with AdBlock enabled, if they pay you some money?
How much money? You decide!

How plugin works?
This plugin detects when a visitor have AdBlock enabled and shows an overlay. In that overlay you please to disable AdBlock or to pay you some money!
If the visitor decides to pay, than he will go on PayPal, pay the sum that you decide for what period you decide, and when he is come back on your website, he will be able to see all content with AdBlock enabled.
The visitor will be able to access your website with AdBlock enabled for entire period that you have decided in settings page. After the period expires the visitor needs to pay again.  :)

You can customise

  • Plugin activation for Desktop or Mobile
  • You can give possibility to your adblock users to close modal window without take any action. (You can activate or desactivate this option) If this is activated then an adblock visitor can close the modal window by click on the text that you have defined in plugin admin page, and the modal window will not show again for the number of hours that you have also defined in plugin admin page. You can also, customise the text color and text size. If this option is desactivated then the adblock visitor is forced to disable adblock software or pay via PayPal for website access.
  • PayPal address where you will receive the payments from adblock users
  • Item name: the name of product as you can want to appear in PayPal transactions
    both for you and for your buyers.
  • Price and currency for access
  • Period of access in days!
  • In overlay: Header text, headear background color, header text color and header text size.
  • In overlay: Text before buy button with color and size.
  • In overlay: Buy now button. Here you can change the text of button, the color of button and button background
  • You can also switch from Test Mode to Live mode and conversely.

Adblock Monetizer – WordPress Plugin is the easiest way to monetise AdBlock visitors of your WordPress website, without compel them to disable AdBlock!

Adblock Monetizer is a responsive plugin, works both on desktop and mobile and can be easily configured.

For working demo you need to have AdBlock enabled!

Update history:

version 2.7 - Added random selector option enable /disable in plugin settings and some general improvements.
version 2.6 - Some general improvements
version 2.5 - Added random selectors for id's and class names
version 2.4 - Compatibility with cache plugins improved. 
version 2.3 - Some general improvements
version 2.2 - Added support for cache plugins! Now works with any cache plugin
version 2.1 - Fixed quote error when saving texts with ' in it.
version 2.0 - Added "Close modal window" option.You can give possibility to your adblock users to close modal window without take any action, by activate or deactivate this option.  
version 1.3 - added ARS(Argentina Pesoss) currency for payments
version 1.2 - added BRL (Brazilian Real) currency for payments and removed support for detection of new perceptual adblock software due software upgrades
version 1.1 - added support for detection of new perceptual adblock software
version 1.0 - initial release