Auto Mp3 Music Search Engine WordPress Plugin

Auto Mp3 Music Search Engine WordPress Plugin is fully Automated Music & Top Track or Song Charts Search Engine for all type of genres & for all favoured World Languages with minutes.

Search and Listening New Music would have been so easy Using the Combination Itunes API & Sound Cloud API, Which make your website visitors to get the music and songs within your website on their simple clicks and even without even leaving your website.

Top Song Charts For All Countries, Languages are easily manageable.

Earn Money

With multiple Advertisement spots at various places on all pages you have the option to promote any affiliate program or banner ad company ads that you like to use.

Our Plugin support all Standard WordPress Themes.

Setting and Implementation

Admin Panel to Manage the Settings for the Website.


– List of Music or Tracks by Genre
– Search Music

Other Features

Top songs charts by country and genre
Quickly Setup music search engine
Search results with Auto load Pagination
MP3 download function (optional)
Multi WordPress Theme Support
Advertisements ready
Responsive design
HTTPS SSL supported
Full documentation
Admin panel


APi Used: Itunes & Sound Cloud


SoundManager2 by Scott Schiller

SVG icons via Icomoon
Patterns from

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