Cardtonic 4.0 now allows you to access a virtual dollar card in Nigeria

Cardtonic has launched its most powerful app ever, Cardtonic 4.0, on February 13th, 2024.

This major upgrade evolves Nigeria’s leading gift card site into a versatile lifestyle and payment application.

Cardtonic 4.0 packs everything you need to access a virtual dollar card, pay bills seamlessly, and discover tech deals in one app. It puts the future of digital banking and shopping right at your fingertips.

Virtual Dollar Card for Effortless Global Shopping
The Cardtonic Virtual Dollar Card enables borderless shopping and payments no matter where you are. Powered by Mastercard and Visa, your dollar virtual card lets you confidently subscribe, transact and shop worldwide without frustrating verification requests or cross-border transaction failures.

Easily top up your virtual card balance with Naira, then unlock endless possibilities abroad. Book hotels worldwide, shop top international brands, and support family overseas – your imagination is the only limit.

Pay All Your Bills Online with Ease
Juggling multiple bills every month can be time-consuming. With Cardtonic 3.0, it becomes incredibly easy. Seamlessly pay all your bills, including electricity, cable TV, internet, phone, and more, all in one place.

Set up reminders and recurring payments so you never miss a payment again. Plus, view history and download receipts on the go. Say goodbye to visiting offices or switching between apps. Let Cardtonic simplify your monthly bills.

Buy Gadgets Online without Breaking the Bank
Discover incredible deals on the latest iPhone models, AirPods, gaming consoles, laptops and electronics on Cardtonic’s Just Gadgets online store. Find discounts on Samsung phones, headphones and more sought-after gadgets.

With exclusive bundled offers, warranty, swift delivery and secure payment options – you can now buy the most coveted tech accessories without overspending. Cardtonic makes it affordable and convenient to shop for quality gadgets online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cardtonic 4.0

How Can I Get A Free Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria?

Getting a free virtual dollar card on Cardtonic is quick and easy. Simply download the Cardtonic app, create your account and complete the KYC profile verification process. This instantly gives you access to a free virtual dollar card powered by Mastercard or Visa.

Do I Need A Domiciliary Account To Get Cardtonic’s Virtual Dollar Card?

No, you do not require a separate domiciliary bank account to get a virtual dollar card on Cardtonic. You can fund your virtual dollar card directly using your Cardtonic Naira wallet balance. So you get access to the card for all your international spending needs with the funds you already have on Cardtonic.

Where Can I Buy Gadgets Online In Nigeria?

Check out Cardtonic’s Just Gadgets selection for all your electronics needs. Find the widest range of cutting-edge gadgets like phones, laptops, appliances, gaming consoles, audio devices and more at unbeatable prices.

How Can I Pay Bills Online In Nigeria?

Cardtonic 4.0 provides a seamless bill payment experience for Nigerians. With its user-friendly interface, robust security, timely notifications, and connections to major billers, it simplifies paying your utilities, TV, internet, etc.

What New Features Are Introduced In Cardtonic 4.0?

Cardtonic 4.0 now includes Virtual Dollar Cards for global digital payments, Just Gadgets for tech shopping, integrated bill payments, and other tools to manage your financial life from one app.

How Do I Update To Cardtonic 4.0?

Updating is quick and easy. Just go to your device’s app store, search for “Cardtonic”, download the latest version, register your details or log in, and enjoy the awesome new capabilities.

Cardtonic 4.0 merges convenience, control and lifestyle management tools into one groundbreaking app – opening new doors for modern users with virtual cards for unlimited international transactions, easy bill payments and discounted gadgets in Nigeria.

Step into the future today. Download Cardtonic 4.0 now via Google Play and Apple App Store to unlock the possibilities!

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