“Dependant and Main Applicant”: Nigerian Lady Comes Back from Work, Gets Served by Husband

A Nigerian lady recently posted a heartwarming video capturing her husband’s affectionate gesture
After a long day at work, she returned home to find him busy in the kitchen, preparing a meal just for her
This heartwarming display of love and care is a testament to the depth of their relationship

A video was shared by a Nigerian lady, capturing the affectionate welcome she received from her spouse upon her return from work.

The clip revealed her husband engrossed in culinary activities in the kitchen at the time of her arrival.

The man was excited to serve her. Photo credit: @mhizannie01Source: TikTok

Without delay, as shared by @mhizannie01, he fetched the meal he had prepared for her, a gesture that filled her with delight.

Watch the video below:

TheTalk.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Kemisola said:

“Na main applicant be this ooo.”

Maxime wrote:

“She’s definitely the main applicant.”

Jooe8778 commented:

“Na better husband you get.”


“Dependant and main applicant.”


“I go come back from work still enter kitchen immediately, God help me.”


“God bless all the good husbands out there.”


“Na the opposite de happen for my house.”


“Main applicants.”


“Same as mine too.”


“Lol dis woman.”


“Some go watch go begin de quarrel unnecessary with their husband.”

Lastborn 214:

“Day payu know go tell us de truth.”

Truth Don:

“You can worry, Mak.”


“We go love oh.”


“Truth_ Don to be main applicant dy sweet.”

Winifred Ayangbe:

“Reverse is my case..will bath and feed baby join.”

Man shows off freshly made food his wife gives him
Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG earlier reported that a grateful man has taken to social media to celebrate his wife for her effort of love towards him.

Vincent Dania hailed his wife for always ensuring he went to work with freshly made food in a hot cooler.

Vincent started with Monday and showed various meals down to Friday and appreciated his wife for her cooking.

Wife watches as her husband cooks
In another related story, TheTalk.NG reported that a woman watched with amusement as her husband settled for preparing his meal himself and would not apologise to his wife.

The woman, however, failed to reveal what he was to apologise for.

In a TikTok video, her husband could be seen dishing his food after he cooked it.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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