DYQUE  Launches  World’s first 5-in-1 AI-powered Solar system in Nigeria to revolutionise the energy sector

Dyque, a technology manufacturing company has launched Dyque Cube ,the world’s first 5-in-1 AI-empowered system aimed to revolutionise the energy sector, with green power solutions in emerging markets, particularly Africa.
Dyque Cube is the world’s first 5-in-1 AI-empowered system, integrating solar-powered intelligent solar solutions equipped with automatic intelligent equipment. The product’s E turbo energy optimization battery technology addresses pressing energy concerns in Nigeria, offering a noiseless operation, natural conduction cooling system, and compatibility with solar and grid systems.

Andy Yan, the Founder and CEO of Dyque, said, “Today, we stand at the threshold of innovation, technology, sustainability, and a brighter future for every Nigerian.”
The product comes with advanced features such as 5 layers battery protection, ensuring maximum safety and a long lifespan for your energy source, with a capacity of 280Ah, V2X bi-directional charging, and a long cycle life battery cell, Dyque Cube can also recharge electric vehicles, acting as a mobile power bank.

Another interesting feature is the 0ms switch over time which comes with DYQUE Cube’s instant switching capabilities that enable critical electronics like servers and data centres operate without power hiccups.

“At Dyque, we believe in leading quality and innovation in the green energy sector. This commitment is reflected in every product and solution we create. We are therefore proud to showcase our solar-powered intelligent innovations, the Dyque Cube, and the Dyque Energy App, which together usher in a new era of sustainable and efficient energy solutions,” remarked Yan.

The Dyque Energy App, complementing Dyque Cube, features a 5-minute commission time and AI mode, empowering users to manage their energy consumption effectively. With dynamic utility rate tracking and AI-assisted scheduling, the app ensures maximum savings and efficiency for consumers.

Based on regulations, Dyque adheres to ISO 9001 standards in manufacturing processes and offers one-on-one customer support before, during, and after purchase, with a dedicated R&D team constantly innovating and improving.

Dyque aims to extend its new energy solutions within emerging markets in Africa, reaching both small and corporate businesses. “We invite you to explore Dyque, experience the innovation, and join us on this journey towards a smarter, greener tomorrow,” concluded Yan.

With this product, Dyque aims to  deliver sustainable, efficient, and accessible green power to homes and businesses ,empowering communities and industries to thrive amidst green technology. This innovative solution offers environmental benefits alongside economic empowerment, enabling communities to leverage the power of the sun and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

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