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eForm easySubmission Add-on

easySubmission is a premium add-on for eForm WordPress Form Builder plugin which provides a bunch of functionality to handle submissions effectively.

Directly Editable Forms

Generate a new type of shortcode which would allow you to publish forms in a way that:

  • It will show edit form if user has already submitted.
  • If not, then it will show simply an empty form to get the first submission data.
  • Completely bypass the user portal and trackback page to edit a submission.

This is ideal for one-time only review forms and profile update forms.

You can also optionally restrict the form to logged-in users only. If user is not logged in then show the login form with custom message and ask them to login.

Referral dependent edit form

With version 1.1.0, you now have the option to:

  • Publish same form under different pages.
  • Tell the system to edit submission entered from the current page.

This is useful, if you want to use same review form for all your products. The system will automatically detect which submission was made from current URL by the current user and will show the relevant edit form.

Extend Format Strings

eForm already provides a bunch of format strings to insert custom data in your email and messages.

eForm easySubmission takes it further by providing format strings against form elements. Meaning, you can insert the value from any form element in emails and messages. Check out our knowledgebase for more information.


  • eForm version 3.7.1+.
  • PHP version 5.3+.

Coming Next

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Version 1.1.0 (19 May, 2017)

* Add: New feature to edit form based on URL referal
Under the hood
* Update: Changes in branding information
* Update: Changes in class signature

Version 1.0.0 (24 Apr, 2017)

Initial Release
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