Empowering Nigerian SMEs: Capsa Technology’s Strategic Financial Solutions and Growth Initiatives

In the burgeoning landscape of Nigerian startups, Capsa Technology stands out as a crucial ally for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country. Many of these businesses face a common challenge: delayed payments from larger organizations, which subsequently hinder their operations and growth. Moreover, the devaluation of the naira has further complicated matters eroding the value of awaited funds.

This is where Capsa steps in as a financial innovator, they have created a marketplace that allows SMEs to sell their invoices and receivables, injecting the much-needed cash flow into their businesses. In just two years, over 400 businesses have been empowered with more than N20 billion in working capital support, which act as a financial backbone for these businesses. The impact is noteworthy and direct—it has enabled businesses to meet payroll, undertake new projects, and navigate the challenges posed by economic uncertainties.

Beyond facilitating financial transactions, Capsa also aims to foster growth for its customers. By connecting suppliers with blue-chip anchor companies, Capsa ensures immediate financial relief for SMEs while opening doors to new growth opportunities. This approach reduces finance costs and accelerates turnaround time, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently. This contribution has been reflected in achievements and recognition for the company, from being part of the inaugural Techstars Detroit class to being awarded as one of the top 5 most innovative companies in Nigeria in 2023 by the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA). As a Corporate Member of the African Centre for Supply Chain, Capsa is not only supporting Nigerian business by helping them manage their cash flow, but is also recognised for her contribution to the growth and resilience of these businesses.

A significant milestone in Capsa’s journey has been its strategic partnership with Lagos Business School, last year, which resulted in the “Supply Chain 4.0 Programme”, that addressed key trends in the future of supply chain financing.

As Capsa continues its mission to empower the supply chain and logistics sector in Nigeria, the company remains at the forefront of delivering practical financial solutions using the tool of technology. The focus is clear: support businesses in achieving their full potential. Capsa’s impact goes beyond transactions; it resonates in the success stories of Nigerian businesses, highlighting the company as a key player in the local business ecosystem.

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