Heineken Launches “Cheers to The Real Hardcore Fans” as Champions League Enters Crucial Stage

The UEFA Champions League is back, and Heineken is bringing the heat with their latest campaign: Cheers to The Real Hardcore Fans.

This season, the Premium beer brand is shattering stereotypes and celebrating the true spirit of “hardcore” fandom, a group often misrepresented by negativity.

Coming off the electrifying Africa Cup of Nations where Nigeria proudly finished as runners-up, football fans are already gearing up for another exciting Champions League season where Manchester City’s European crown is being targeted by some teams including the London Gunners.

“It’s been a whirlwind start to 2024,” says Maria Shadeko, Portfolio Manager Alcoholic Drinks at Nigerian Breweries Plc.

“And now, we’re taking the momentum to redefine hardcore fandom with Heineken’s Cheers to The Real Hardcore Fans campaign.”

This campaign isn’t about aggression or negativity; it’s about the passion, dedication, and quirky love that defines real hardcore fans.

Heineken has already confirmed Dutch captain Virgil van Dijk and former Lioness Jill Scott MBE as ambassadors to show the world what true hardcore fandom looks like.

“There’s a misconception about hardcore fans,” explains Shadeko. “Our campaign celebrates the diverse group who truly live and breathe the sport, the ones who paint their faces with team colors, memorize stats, and support their team through thick and thin.”

Heineken’s “Fresher Football” platform aims to make football more inclusive, and this campaign is a step in that direction.

For this latest campaign, Heineken is launching a global competition to find the world’s most dedicated “real hardcore” fans.

To emphasize the message of supporting inclusive hardcore fandom, Heineken has set aside seats at the UEFA Champions League Final for a select few real hardcore fans who share their stories with the teeming public.

With a mouthwatering grand prize of an opportunity to witness the UEFA Champions League Final live on the cards, no hardcore fan will trade this for anything else.

For Heineken, serving exquisite match-viewing experiences is not enough, hence the continuous introduction of themes and campaigns that help improve the footballing community.

To learn more about how Heineken®️ is helping to refresh football perspectives and foster a more positive and inclusive experience for all fans, visit: https://www.heineken.com/realhardcorefans

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