How Federal Government Discovered 32 Smuggling Routes Amid Food Crisis

The federal government has made a significant discovery in its ongoing battle against food smuggling, uncovering 32 routes used to illegally transport food items out of Nigeria.

This revelation comes at a crucial time when the country is grappling with a food crisis that threatens its stability and food security.

Vice President, Kashim Shettima brought this issue to light during a conference on Public Wealth Management in Abuja.

He detailed a recent operation where 45 trucks loaded with maize were intercepted on their way to neighboring countries.

He explained;

This interception at the Ilela axis is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve identified 32 smuggling routes that have been contributing to the food scarcity and price inflation in our country.

Smugglers take large amounts of food out of the local market. This not only deepens the food crisis but also drives up prices.

As a result, many Nigerians can’t afford basic commodities. The vice president noted that the interception caused a N10,000 drop in maize prices.

Tackling the Crisis

Shettima also addressed the broader challenges Nigeria faces. He assured citizens of the commitment of the federal government to overcoming these obstacles.

However, he criticized those exploiting the situation for personal gain. “We must focus on governance, not politics,” he stated.

“It’s sad to see some advocating for chaos. Nigeria is greater than any individual’s ambitions. We will overcome this together.”

The efforts of the federal government are crucial for food security and economic stability. By closing these smuggling routes, authorities aim to keep more food in the country. This should stabilize prices and ease the food crisis.

This discovery is a positive step. Yet, it highlights the need for ongoing vigilance and cooperation. Government agencies and local communities must work together.

Only then can Nigeria effectively tackle food smuggling and ensure a prosperous future for all citizens.

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