“Na their pikin wrong me” – Nigerian lady pays visit to ex-boyfriend’s family

A Nigerian lady has caused a buzz online after sharing a video from her recent visit to her ex-boyfriend’s family.

While sharing the clip, the lady identified as @east_side_goddess on TikTok expressed her admiration for the relationship she shares with ex-boyfriend’s family.

The clip captured her and her ex-boyfriend’s family hugging each other and having fun together despite her break-up with their son.

According to Goddess, she has no grudge against them because they didn’t wrong her.

She captioned the video: “Today I went to visit my ex’s mother they missed me and I missed them too, sometimes we can’t just control destiny it is what it is. Na their pikin wrong me, no be family.”

The video caused a buzz in the comments section as netizens shared their thoughts.

Only one AstyEs said: “My own na to carry cane waka eif I see the werey siblings na to wipe them.”

Chinny reacted: “Its almost 6yrs now but anywhere my ex’s mother sees me she do hug me so tight o would call my name, look into my eyes and hug me again.”

Mon Luggard reacted: “This girl Thunder fire who no love you. Yes I said what I said.”

Smallie reacted: “You really did understanding girlfriend.”

@user5644305945767 said: “Hustle hard big bae you really carry responsibility.”

Ose commented: “Me dey vex for everybody the full family.”

@ladysomie said: “Which one be ex mother am confused, make Una no vex.”

Abikhe267 said: “My ex didn’t hurt me his family did.”

Victoriousempire said: “I get pure heart but can never be me oo, quarter of his family members knew they kept quiet and watch me get hurt.”

Watch the video below:

@east._side_goddess Na their pikin wrong me no be family #mirabel🦋 #tiktok #trending #mirabel

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