Nigeria on autopilot, has no president – Aisha Yesufu insists

Aisha Yesufu, a political commentator, has insisted that Nigeria is on autopilot and doesn’t have a president or government.

Yesufu, a loyalist of Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, said Bola Tinubu, the incumbent president, is illegitimate because he didn’t win the 2023 presidential election.

The political commentator re-echoed these harsh remarks about Tinubu in a series of posts on her X account.

She said, “Let me repeat for those that were at the back yesterday,



We are on autopilot hurtling downwards.

Pray all you want!

God will not do for us what he has given us the capacity to do for ourselves!”

Yesufu’s remarks have generated mixed reactions on social media as members of the opposition parties agreed with her, while others condemned her.

An X user, Idris Oni, said, “You are really going too far with your hatred for the president. This is not love for the country. It is hatred against the country itself. Neither your faith nor level of knowledge and exposure is guiding your character as you tirelessly denigrate the state because your candidate lost an election. What you do is exactly what many others in your camp have been doing since the election. It’s not fair that you do this against the country. It’s not patriotism. You are acting like an enemy of the State.”

On the contrary, another user, Chimezie, agreed with Yesufu, saying that the basic responsibility of the government is to provide security, education, and shelter for its population and any country that fails to do this is on autopilot.

Another user, Ushakase, said, “Nigeria has a president and a government. Whether you like it or not. Peter Obi, your candidate has moved on and recognizes Tinubu as the president. You’re being more catholic than the pope. prepare for next election cycle. you’re being a nuisance now and it’s irritating.”

Another user, Aondpakura Donald said, “Aisha has never listed out intellectual issues befalling the nation and solutions attached to it.

She is stock in the foolishness of ” certificate forgery, Nigeria has no president and her lame ideas of opposition”. How Peter Obi carries her up and down amazes me.”

Emeka Heart said, “My dear Aisha Yesufu, I am not very comfortable with your saying that we do not have a president, since the Supreme Court has upheld his election, and plead with you to stop saying that, and look for a better phrase to use, like INEC president; Supreme Court president.”

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