Nigeria: Tinubu Alone Cannot Solve Nigeria’s Problem

As Nigeria grapples with deepening socio-economic challenges, Ambassador James Erebuoye, President of the Concerned Nigerian Network in Diaspora and Rebuild Nigeria Movement (CNNDRNM), has expressed that the onus for change does not lie solely on President Tinubu’s shoulders.

Instead, he calls for a collective effort from all citizens to drive the nation towards recovery.

During a press conference in Abuja, Amb. Erebuoye stressed that President Tinubu, while striving to fulfill his duties, requires the unwavering support and cooperation of the Nigerian populace to usher in a new era of socio-economic stability.

“The solutions to the current social pandemic in our country largely depend on a sincere social and ethical reorientation,” said Erebuoye.

He urged Nigerians to embody patriotism, honesty, and sincerity in every aspect of their lives, emphasizing that these virtues are critical in addressing the nation’s challenges.

Transitioning to the responsibilities of elected officials, Amb. Erebuoye reminded citizens that accountability extends beyond the presidency.

“Most of the problems we are facing, are mostly issues on the concurrent and residual list of government, that can actually be handled by the state government and government at the local level, but the whole talk is about the President who to a reasonable extent did not cause most of these problems,” he declared.

Erebuoye highlighted that the focus often remains on the President, who did not necessarily cause many of the problems at hand.

This statement serves as a call to action for governmental bodies at all levels to step up and contribute to the nation’s recovery efforts.

In a message of hope, Amb. Erebuoye reassured Nigerians that the nation’s current plight is not unique and that overcoming such hardships is possible, as evidenced by countries like Singapore.

He emphasized the urgent need for an attitudinal reorientation among Nigerians as a pivotal step towards swift and meaningful transformation.

“Let’s not lose hope that with a firm belief in our heart and a change in our mindset, Nigeria will rise above these challenges.”

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