Nigerian-inspired cooking title Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef announced


The game is based off the hit Disney animated series
You’ll cook and serve traditional Nigerian dishes in a fast-paced format similar to Diner Dash
Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef will release the same day as its animated inspiration

Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef, the new tie-in to Disney and Kugali Media’s upcoming title Iwájú will be released on February 28th, coinciding with the release of the series. Rising Chef, developed by Nigerian-based studio Maliyo Games, challenges you to create traditional local dishes in a fast-paced format similar to classic culinary simulators like Diner Dash.

Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef is based on the upcoming animated series Iwájú, which is being pitched as the first proper long-form animated series from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The company has, of course, had animated spin-offs for their most popular franchises in the past.

But it looks as if they’re hopeful that Iwájú is going to break new ground. And with the decision to tackle Pan African identity in partnership with Kugali Media, the pressure is on to hit the ground running when Iwájú premieres alongside its own tie-in game.

You can check out the trailer for Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef below!

What’s really interesting is to see that Rising Chef is being released right at the same time as Iwájú itself. We’ve seen many other media companies release games – like Netflix and their catalogue of both original and licenced titles – to either accompany or promote their lineup of shows and films.

But usually, we have to wait a while to see any spin-offs, it seems as if Disney are confident in – and looking to capitalise on – the excitement for Iwájú’s upcoming release. It just goes to show that mobile is a big thing, especially for appealing to a wide audience.

If you’re to whip up a storm in the kitchen (or rather, in the palm of your hand), you can check out our lists of the best cooking games on iOS, as well as for Android!

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