Nigerian Singer Harrysong’s Wife Suffers Miscarriage After He Physically Abused Her


Alexer Perez Gopa, the estranged wife of Nigerian singer Harrysong, has revealed that she’s suffered a miscarriage.

Gopa revealed this shocking news a few days after accusing the musician of physically abusing her.

She shared a post to announce her miscarriage, writing: “My innocent little one had to go through it too. I’m in so much pain God I’m tired #pregnancyloss”

Check out her post below…

Alexer has revealed that her marriage to Harrysong went sour when she could not conceive a male child.

She has revealed she suffered untold abuse and the singer has also been cheating with another woman.

“It all started when I gave birth to my second child and she became a girl. Before that, he has already been saying he wants a boy. Secondly was the cheating part that was becoming too much. Everybody will be like he is a celebrity you know before you enter. That one will not be a problem. Which is understandable. A man that cheats will come back home,” she said.

“Not the one that you will now go out to do it and bring it to my face. If I talk I will still end up being the one begging, because I want to keep the marriage. I have complained to all my family members. It has been going on and on. When he gets up and is so angry he will slap me. The amount of infections I have treated as the cause of this whole thing is too much,” she added.

According to her, there was a point that her husband told her he did not marry her out of love but out of pity.

“I am currently pregnant. I gave him space for one year before I conceived. He said we should keep it because he was looking for a boy. He threw me to the wall with this pregnancy.

“Anytime I talk he would say he did not marry me out of love. It is out of pity. That I should take anything that he gives to me,”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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