Task Registration for WordPress

Plugin description

The Task Registration plugin enables you to manage your Tasks, Working hours and Projects, assign projects and functions to WordPress Users, create estimates and and a complete overview of the running projects based on WordPress User Roles.

This is a custom Task Registration plugin designed to make a daily task registration process as simple as possible for end users (employees/colleagues for instance) and at the same time as complete as possible for Account Managers and Project Managers.

Whether you are self employed or run a larger business, this plugin is a valuable asset for your company.


  • Create custom job functions and descriptions (e.g. Designer, Developer, Project Manager, etc) and assign them to Users
  • Create projects and complete project estimates based on job functions and amount of hours, and assign them to Users
  • Define different Roles based on WP User Roles (basic level, account managers, project management level).
  • Easy to use 1-page overview of the jobs assigned per User
  • Simple overview of current project status (hours spent and remaining hours)
  • Print project estimates and current status
  • Manage projects and functions, set to active/inactive
  • Weekly Calender overview of working week per User
  • Status overview and search-mode (per date/user) for Project Managers
  • Manage all hours per User
  • Define minimum amount of hours to be filled in per day
  • …. and much more

WordPress User Roles

The Task Registration plugin uses the WordPress user registration system and their User Role system to show or hide certain pages or functionality. User Roles in WordPress have an assigned User Level. To add more User Roles (and levels) you could make use of a User Role plugin. Your employees or collegues must have an account registered to this WordPress installation.

Try before you buy

On this demo URL you can see the full documentation. To try the plugin yourself you can login here with the following user names and user roles:

  • Basic User Level: username: basic, password: basic
  • Advanced User Level: username: advanced, password: advanced
  • Project Management User Level: username: manager, password: manager

Feature requests

For requests, comments or questions please post in the Comment section, thank you!

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