Ultimate Logo Showcase – Full Responsive Clients Logo Gallery Plugin for WordPress







Ultimate Logo Showcase is a plugin for WordPress which is ideal to display logos of clients, sponsors, companies, portfolios, or any kind of information that needs this type of layout in a stunning way.

Full list of features:

  • Add unlimited logos with full information:

    • Title name
    • Title tagline
    • External company url
    • Category filters
    • Short & full description
    • Custom images gallery for each logo
    • Custom social links
    • Custom contact information

      • Phone
      • Mobile Phone
      • Address
      • E-mail
      • Website
  • Custom settings for each showcase:

    • Showcase width and height
    • Image fill mode:

      • Image Fit
      • Image Fill
      • Image Stretch
    • Responsive breakpoints. Adjust the visible items, image box dimensions and image item space between each others.
  • 50+ handful crafted animation presets, organized by categories:

    • Circle
    • Cube
    • Fade
    • Fall Away
    • Flip
    • Fold
    • Glass
    • Gradient
    • Hinge
    • Modal
    • Parallax
    • Pivot
    • Pusher
    • Shutter
    • Slide
    • Zoom
    • plus custom variable styles and custom settings
  • 5+ different layout displays

    • Slider display mode:
      • Slider
      • Carousel
      • Coverflow
    • Grid display mode:

      • Grid
      • Grid with Filters
      • Masonry Grid
      • Masonry Grid with Filters
    • Custom playback settings. Set Autoplay speed, delay, loop mode and direction.
    • Custom navigation settings. Set navigation type, keyboard control and mousewheel control.
  • 10+ pagination themes for Slider display mode:

    • 4 Pagination types: bullets, numeric, fraction and text
    • Each theme comes with custom settings.
  • 10+ navigation button themes for Slider display mode
  • 6+ filtersbar themes for Grid display mode. Each theme comes with custom settings.
  • Advanced DetailsView Modal window:

    • Full AJAX interaction
    • Show extra information about each item, with custom layout and settings
    • 2+ details view themes
    • 4+ details view display modes:

      • Popup
      • Inline
      • Left Side Panel
      • Right Side Panel
    • An intuitive layout-builder, so you can create your own layouts to show the information you want according to your needs.
  • Full featured images gallery

    • Full responsive images gallery
    • Add UNLIMITED images to the gallery for each item on the showcase
  • A full list of advanced layout settings, so you can customize everything:

    • Showcase main title: customize colors, borders, background, padding, position…
    • Showcase main container: customize colors, borders, background, shadow, padding, margin…
    • Image-item layout-builder for the image-item box, so you can create your own layouts.
    • Image-item outer title: customize typography style (font family, color, size, height, alignment), border style, background, shadow, margin, padding and position.
    • Image-item design themes…
    • An advanced Easing Editor, so you can create your own animation-timing functions, and define: direction, speed, delay and easing type.
  • Tooltips

    • Add tooltips for each item on the showcase…
    • 6+ tooltip themes
    • 5+ animation types
    • Custom position, delay and distance
  • Fully responsive & touch friendly
  • And an active development team creating templates every day to allow each showcase to be further customized.


# Change Log
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

  1. [Version 1.0.0] – 2017-12-01
    – Initial Release
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