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A viral audio clip has captured the intense reaction of a school’s Vice Chancellor after her phone mysteriously vanished while she was in the company of students. The incident, shared by a student on Instagram via Update, vividly portrays the Vice Chancellor’s frustration and anger in response to the theft.

In the heat of the moment, the Vice Chancellor vehemently declared that no student would graduate unless the stolen phone was promptly returned to her office. This drastic ultimatum sent shockwaves throughout the student body and faculty alike.

The Vice Chancellor’s stern warning reverberated across social media platforms, eliciting a range of reactions from users. While some found humor in the situation, others expressed concern over the severity of the Vice Chancellor’s threat and its potential impact on the students’ academic futures.

As the audio clip circulated further, discussions ensued regarding the broader implications of such actions by academic authorities. Questions were raised about the appropriate response to incidents of theft on campus and the role of disciplinary measures in maintaining order within educational institutions.

Amidst the flurry of online commentary, the Vice Chancellor’s outburst served as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by academic leaders in maintaining discipline and order within their institutions. While the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of her phone remain unclear, the Vice Chancellor’s impassioned reaction underscores the importance of accountability and integrity within the academic community.

See reactions below:

_xan_draa_: “Mummy no be by muscleee oo… u better start begging dem than shoutinggg cos ur phone otilor! ????????.”

zia_blac: “How she won take track the tiff ????????.”

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