Watch Video: Netizens Excited as Injured Children’s Home Owner, Her Girls to Popular Song by Chike

Seyi Oluyole and little girls from her all-girls children’s home excited many on the internet with their creative moves The happy group was dancing to musicians Chike and Mohmad’s Egwu song, which has seen many other people join the online challenge Netizens were particularly impressed by a certain girl who danced next to the teacher and said she did it better than the others The founder of an all-girls children’s home, Seyi Oluyole, and some of her little girls have broken the internet with a dance to a popular challenge on the internet.

Seyi Oluyole dancing with kids from her home. Photos” Seyi Oluyole.
Source: TikTok Who sang popular Egwu song? The challenge is based on the song Egwu by musicians Chike and Mohmad, and quite a number of people have aced it with creative dancing styles that would also make one jump from their seats to join in.

Although the loving Seyi had hurt her hand, she did not let it stand in the way of having a good time with her cute, little friends.

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The little girls also outdid themselves and went in perfect synchrony with their beloved teacher and benefactor.

The sheer joy on their faces as they changed style after style spoke to a group that loved each other and loved spending good time together.

“Best song out there,” Seyi captioned the TikTok video. Reactions from netizens:

“If you found yourself smiling while watching this video please let’s gather here.” D:

“Those who watched more than 10 times gather here please ❤️❤️❤️.” Kkevin#256:

“That small girl next to the teacher on the right took it personal.” Faith Mutunga:

“Wapi nduru ya the kasmall gal on the right next to teacher.” Mama KaJoo:

“I want this teacher for my daughter I will pay triple.” Sthe:

“We might not have everything in Africa but it’s moments like these that makes me a proud African.” OkMalum Teddy (UncleTee):

“There’s always that one that will steal the show .” Mutwiri:

“We teacher never grow old..We know the right therapy.” linah:

“I always wonder why my daughter hates weekends…now I’ve found the reason.” Joh.burg:

“Have watched it hundred times it’s so viberic dance plus the song itself more fantastic.” Wangu Primary School kids excite Kenyans with dance moves In another story, Wangu Primary School boys and girls left social media users impressed with their lovely dancing moves.

The adorable-looking kids, neatly dressed in their school uniforms, as they happily danced to Zigwembe song.

Social media users applauded the kids for their energy and neatness, as some wished to go back to school.


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