WooCommerce Private Store – Shop For Registered Users Plugin

WooCommerce Private Store plugin empowers merchants to privatize the whole site or specific products, categories, shop & pages for guest users and force the customers to login or register for the site. The plugin also supports the restriction of private store based on country. The login & registration forms can be enabled to view on the same private products, categories or pages to login or register until the customer does not log in or register the private products cannot be added to cart.
The admin can use the default login/registration forms or customizable forms. The login/registration forms can be customized to set background color or image, text color & forms titles, etc.
The plugin also provides the functionality of manual user registration approval, the new registering customer to the store can be approved manually to log in for the site.
The admin can allow customers to choose user roles while registration the request user roles can be approved automatically or manually. The admin can create unlimited custom user roles with WordPress’ native UI.

WooCommerce Private Store - Shop For Registered Users Plugin

Plugin Features

  • Force users to login to view the specific products, categories & pages.
  • Privatize whole site or specific products, categories & pages for guest users.
  • Privatize whole site or specific products, categories & pages for guest users from specific countries.
  • Allow users to login or register on the same private page.
  • Default registration & login forms as well as custom forms.
  • Create custom user roles.
  • Allow users to select their user role while registration.
  • Accept or reject the users reject user roles.
  • Manual or auto user roles assignment.
  • Manual or auto approve new users registration.
  • Allow new users registration.
  • Block specific user to login to their accounts without deleting their accounts.
  • Notify customers about login access & role approval.

Approve New Users Registration

The admin can approve or reject the new users’ registration without deleting their accounts. The manual approval of registration can be enabled from plugin’s settings, the new users will not be able to log in until the login access is approved by the admin. The admin can disable or enable the login access of users in bulk. The notification of login access can be enabled to send users about their account access.

User Role Registration

The admin can create multiple custom user roles & allow customers to choose the role while registration. Specific roles can be selected by admin to allow customers to select while registering to the site. The requested role can be approved manually or automatically & will be notified to customers if notifications are enabled from the plugin.

Request a Feature

Please contact us at support@progos.org to request another feature or any customization.


Version 1.0.1
* Added - Show only login form or both login and registration form. 
* Fixed - Privatizing whole site issue.
* Fixed - Redirection issue when privatized shop page set as home page.
* Fixed - Plugin is transtlable now.
Version 1.0.0
* Initial Release.

WooCommerce Private Store - Shop For Registered Users Plugin

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