WordPress WooCommerce Auction Plugin

Woocommerce Products auction is a wonderful plugin that allows you to sell a product at an auction for your Woocommerce store. With the auction plugin, any buyer can place a bid for a specific product. Woocommerce auction plugin allows the buyer to purchase a product at the best price and allows the store owner to generate a profit bigger than expected. Auction plugin for Woocommerce has an option to incremental and automatic biding.

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Features of Woocommerce Products Auction

  • Woocommerce products Auction has the option to allow owner to sell multiple products in auction on the store.
  • Every logged in user can bid on auction enabled products.
  • Logged in user can bid and see her max bid amount.
  • This Woocommerce auction plugin allow user to bid higher price from current max bid price.
  • This Woocommerce simple auction plugin has option to display all bids on the single product page in descending order.
  • Advance features of this auction plugin allow user to set automatic incremental bid. Once admin allow user to bid automatically.
  • User can set increment, min and max price for the bid.
  • Once max bid price exceed then user will be notified via email.
  • Woocommerce auction plugin will notify to winner once auction time is complete.
  • Woocommerce auction plugin provide an option to admin to lock the product for the winner for a particular period of time. So only winner can purchase the product in that time period. If this option is disabled then anybody can purchase that product.
  • Woocommerce auction plugin has option to set reserve price for the product. If last bid amount of auction is below the reserve price no one will won the auction.
  • WordPress Woocommerce auction plugin has option to set start price of auction product.
  • Auction plugin for Woocommerce has also option to set start time and end time of auction.
  • Buyer can see their all auction bid list in dashboard area.
  • On the single product page buyers will see countdown timer showing them exactly how much time remains before the auction over.
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