WP Custom Code – Another Script Customizer For Your Site

WP Custom Code allows you to add the custom CSS|Javascript without modifying any files.

Watch video demo before purchase.

Feature List:

  1. Codemirror Editor

    • Auto Close Brackets
    • Text Searching
    • 45 editor themes.
  2. CSS Customizer.
  3. Javascript Customizer.
  4. 4 types of placement:

    • Header inline.
    • Header External file.
    • Footer inline.
    • Footer External file.
  5. Importing: allows you to import the code from your desktop.
  6. Exporting: allows you to export the code from your site.
  7. Conditional Tags: Allows you to change what code is displayed and how that content is displayed.
  8. Ajax form: allows you to update the code without reloading the page.
  9. Fullscreen mode: allow you to open Fullscreen mode.
  10. Code compression.
  11. WP customizer settings.
  12. Translation Ready.
  13. Lightweight.
  14. Flexible.
  15. Outstanding Support

WP Custom Code - Another Script Customizer For Your Site - 1


Codemirror: https://codemirror.net


23 January 2016 – V1.2

Fixed the custom code output.
Updated file:
- wp-custom-code/wp-custom-code.php

19 January 2016 – V1.1

Fixed: Codemirror pre padding & margin.
Added: WP admin top nav menu icon.
Updated files: 
- wp-custom-code/assets/css/style.css
- wp-custom-code/wp-custom-code.php (changed version number)

07 January 2016 – V1.0

Initial Release