“You need people”: Nigerian lady shares lesson about Herbert Wigwe’s life

A Nigerian lady reflects on Herbert Wigwe’s celebration of professional excellence have gone viral, emphasizing the significance of longstanding relationships in achieving success
The tweet shows the necessity of a supportive network in life and career, kicking against the idea of isolating oneself from colleagues and classmates
The lady has sparked a conversation about the balance between friendship and professionalism, reminding people that behind every successful person is a community of allies

In a recent burst of inspiration on social media, a Nigerian lady shared her thoughts on the celebration of Herbert Wigwe professional life which sparked a wave of agreement and introspection among professionals.

The lady highlighted the importance of long-term relationships in personal and professional growth, noting how many attendees boasted friendships with Wigwe spanning decades.

The lady shared her thoughts. Photo credit: @meedeey/XSource: TikTok

The tweet read:

“Everybody should watch Herbert Wigwe’s celebration of Professional Excellence. Notice how everyone said I’ve known Herbert for 25 years, 20 years etc. You need people in life, you can’t do it alone.”

This statement has opened up a dialogue on the nature of professional relationships, with many agreeing that success is rarely a solo journey.

The lady also questioned the common practice of keeping colleagues at arm’s length, challenging the notion that maintaining a strictly professional distance is beneficial.

As shared by @meedeey, the conversation continues as professionals weigh in on the balance between friendship and professionalism.

See the X post:

TheTalk.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Oluwatimilehin Ojem said:

“It was filled with lots of life lessons for any young person aspiring to be great. Since last night I’ve been pondering where I’m currently not doing enough & how I can become better. He was there for his friends. A solution provider always seeking how he can be of help.”

RoLa wrote:

“The only idea of “networking” some people have is “if you need N1.0 million, how many people in your network can you turn to”? Always about what you can get in the immediate term.”

JB commented:

“Just be successful, be nice and forget about who knows you or doesn’t know you. If he wasn’t successful, people who knew him very well would not care to tell any stories about how much they knew him.”

Swifty DeRightMrP:

“I laugh when people lose contacts just to sound sophisticated.”

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Source: TheTalk.NG

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