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Hitek Electronics WooCommerce Theme

Hitek is a premium high-performance theme for any kind of electronic online stores.
With its powerful features, you can build your versatile website without coding knowledge.

















Dear customers!

You can ask your pre-sale directly through the contact form here or any kind of technical
question on our support forum.

We would be glad if you help us to improve our theme,
installation process or documentation.

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

However, item support does not include:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services
  • Fixing 3rd party plugins bugs and issues

Video Tutorials
Support Forum


Core Features

  • Advanced WooCommerce integration
  • Based on Elementor drag & drop builder
  • 50+ Elementors elements
  • Powerful Header builder
  • Unlimited Theme Settings
  • Settings presets
  • Multipurpose layouts
  • 100% Responsive & Retina ready
  • WordPress 5.0+ support
  • Multilanguage ready (WPML)
  • 100% Translations ready
  • SEO optimized
  • Gutenberg support
  • RTL support
  • GDPR compliant
  • Online Documentation
  • Dedicated support team
  • Video tutorials
  • One-click easy installation
  • Dummy Content included
  • Clean and well-organized codebase
  • PHP Object-Oriented standards
  • Minified JS and CSS files
  • Cross Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE11, Edge
  • Frequent automatic updates


  • Drag & Drop mega menu
  • My account links
  • Shopping cart widget
  • Mobile navigation
  • Sticky header
  • Header overlap
  • Colors customizations
  • Parallax on scroll for all elements
  • Upload custom icons for elements
  • One page navigation
  • Advanced search for different post types


  • Flexible layout
  • Custom container width
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Off canvas sidebar for different devices
  • Cookie law info popup
  • Page title layouts
  • Built in breadcrumbs
  • Prefooter area
  • Unlimited Footer layouts
  • Copyrights area
  • Scroll to top button
  • Pages custom backgrounds
  • Unlimited colors
  • Advanced typography settings
  • Buttons customizations
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Typekit fonts
  • Google fonts
  • Header banner
  • Custom headers for pages
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JS
  • Settings import/export
  • Custom 404 pages


  • Portfolio styles
  • AJAX filters
  • Load more button
  • Infinit loading
  • Masonry grid
  • Appearance animations
  • Projects navigation
  • Related projects


  • Minified CSS
  • Minified JS
  • Combine JS option
  • Lazy loading for images
  • Lazy loading custom placeholder
  • Font display option
  • Full control over JS files


  • Different blog styles
  • Load more button
  • Infinit loading
  • Masonry grid
  • Appearance animations
  • Boxed content layout
  • Author bio area
  • Related posts
  • WordPress Post formats
  • Post video & audio

Social integration

  • Instagram photos API
  • Google login/register
  • Google maps
  • Facebook login/register
  • Social counters
  • Share Buttons
  • Social follow Buttons
  • VK login/register
  • Twitter feed

Single product

  • Drag & drop single product builder
  • Images zoom
  • Images carousel
  • Different thumbnails positions
  • Additional variations images
  • 360 degree view
  • Product Video
  • Custom tabs
  • About brand tab
  • Products navigation
  • Before & after add to cart content
  • Share buttons
  • Product reviews images
  • Sticky add to cart buttons
  • Quantity +/- buttons
  • Different tabs layouts: tabs, accordion
  • AJAX add to cart for variable & grouped products
  • Size guides

WooCommerce Compatibility

  • Different product hovers
  • AJAX filters
  • AJAX search
  • Variations on the shop pages
  • Variations swatches
  • Promo popup
  • SKU search
  • Catalog mode
  • Login to see prices
  • Sale countdown timer
  • Open sidebar widget after add to cart
  • Popup after add to cart
  • Responsive grid settings
  • Load more button
  • Infinit loading
  • Masonry grid
  • Appearance animations
  • Stock progress bar
  • NEW, HOT, SALE labels
  • Brands functionality
  • Built in compare (no plugins required)
  • Built in wishlist (no plugins required)
  • Built in quick view (no plugins required)
  • Categories in page title
  • Advanced filters area
  • Different categories styles
  • AJAX Products tabs element


  • Custom theme widgets
  • Custom sidebars
  • Built in slider with effects
  • HTML Blocks
  • SVG support
  • Custom Google maps styles
  • Maintenance mode option
  • Child theme included


13-10-2022 – Update v.1.4.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Frequently bought together. (Screenshot)
  • NEW FEATURE: Free shipping progress bar. (Screenshot)
  • NEW FEATURE: Exclusions JS files for WP Rocket
  • NEW FEATURE: “Is RTL” condition to theme settings presets.
  • NEW FEATURE: Product visitor counter option. (Screenshot)
  • NEW FEATURE: Quick buy button in single product. (Screenshot)
  • NEW FEATURE: Price unit of measurement.
  • NEW FEATURE: Previously viewed products.
  • NEW FEATURE: “Stretch container”, “Animations” option to the Elementor “Flexbox Container”.
  • FIXED: WP Rocket combine CSS with Elementor issue.
  • FIXED: Compatible with “Elementor Pro” plugin. (Topic)
  • UPDATED: Google fonts list.
  • UPDATED: WooCommerce templates. (Topic)

15-09-2022 – Update v.1.3.2

  • FIXED: PHP error with get_cart_contents_count() function (Topic)
  • FIXED: Changed API server address.
  • FIXED: Instagram API issue.
  • FIXED: Theme settings presets issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Related product issue (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product 360 view (Topic)
  • UPDATED: Outdated WooComerce templates.

14-02-2022 – Update v.1.3.1

  • NEW FEATURE: Automatic patcher tools. (Screenshot)
  • NEW FEATURE: The ability to change the titles for the “Categories” and “Mobile Menu” elements in the Header builder. (Topic), (Screenshot Categories), (Screenshot Mobile Menu)
  • NEW FEATURE: Hide “out of stock” products in product element
  • NEW FEATURE: rel=”nofollow” attribute for Compare, Wishlist, Quick view buttons to reduce their impact on Google crawling.
  • NEW FEATURE: Anchor text “#tab-xts_additional_tab” and ‘”#tab-xts_custom_additional_tab” for single product tabs.
  • IMPROVED: Compare and Wishlist page options added to wpml-config.xml. (Topic)
  • IMPROVED: Google fonts list now loaded by AJAX only in Theme settings.
  • IMPROVED: Cookie secure param now depends on whether your site uses the SSL protocol. Also can be changed manually using a filter “xts_cookie_secure_param”. (Topic)
  • IMPROVED: Shop page column selector does not affect if loop display mode is subcategories. (Topic)
  • IMPROVED: After loading products by load more button breadcrumbs also change to the current page.
  • IMPROVED: Supports plugin Woofunnels. (Topic)
  • IMPROVED: Theme elements added to wpml-config.xml.
  • IMPROVED: Theme settings search array now loaded by AJAX only in Theme settings.
  • FIXED: Compare and wishlist counters when installed plugin WP Rocket. (Topic)
  • FIXED: “Load more” button when available GET attribute. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Styles, fonts, and icons are broken after URL change. (Topic), (Topic)
  • FIXED: PHP8 widget warnings. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Issue when AJAX Pagination did not work on the attribute archive page. (Video)
  • FIXED: Loader in Contact form. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Include custom field in elements when installed Elementor Pro 3.6.0. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Portfolio permalinks translations. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Header builder button translation with WPML. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Lazy loading in mobile menu tabs. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Output users name in mobile side. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Lazy loading for product thumbnail. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Font Styles Are Constantly Resetting. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Meta filed element issue with Jet engine plugin. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Output images brands in Compare page. (Topic)
  • FIXED: W3C Validator errors with menu dropdown inline print style. (Topic)
  • FIXED: “Sticky navbar” in widgets issue.
  • FIXED: The sticky navbar will not be displayed on the maintenance mode page. (Screenshot)
  • FIXED: If the user logged in not as an Administrator, then do not display the top admin menu Space Dashboard. (Screenshot)
  • DEV: Added filter “xts_main_content_classes” to allow change main container classes.
  • DEV: Added filter “xts_single_product_slider_dots” to enable dots on single product gallery. (Topic)
  • UPDATED: Google Maps API version from 3.44 to weekly.
  • UPDATED: Outdated WooCommerce template files.
  • UPDATED: wp-color-picker-alpha.js library from 2.1.4 to 3.0.1
  • UPDATED: Google fonts list.

26-10-2021 – Update v.1.3

  • NEW FEATURE: Show category in mobile menu
  • NEW FEATURE: Hide “out of stock” products in product element
  • NEW FEATURE: Infinite scrolling custom offset (Topic)
  • NEW FEATURE: Custom image size for related posts
  • FIXED: Add to cart button in “Icons on image alternative” product hover (Topic)
  • FIXED: Сonflict with Admin Columns Pro plugin (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product labels issue (Topic)
  • FIXED: WooCommerce Adjacent Products
  • FIXED: Change link for HTML-block editor (Topic)
  • FIXED: Additional pages import (Topic)
  • FIXED: Enqueue script Google map (Topic)
  • FIXED: Header builder issue with disabled rich editor in WordPress
  • FIXED: Sidebar cart closing issue (Topic)
  • FIXED: Carousel columns on mobile (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product grid pagination arrows (Topic)
  • FIXED: Menu dropdowns with accordion (Topic)

13-10-2021 – Update v.1.2.1

  • FIXED: Cross-sells title
  • FIXED: Custom sidebar for page option
  • FIXED: Tooltip JS error in single product
  • FIXED: Broken SVG images
  • FIXED: PHP errors on single product builder
  • FIXED: Cross-sells issue with wrong products

06-10-2021 – Update v.1.2.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Multivendors demo home page
  • NEW FEATURE: View dropdown for IPad Pro
  • NEW FEATURE: “Form” display option for the mobile search header element
  • NEW FEATURE: “WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace” plugin support
  • NEW FEATURE: Countdown element style “Inline”
  • NEW FEATURE: Carousel options to cross-sells products
  • NEW FEATURE: Check “file_get_content” in system status
  • NEW FEATURE: Tag and attributes select to product tab
  • NEW FEATURE: Filter “On backorder” for WC Stock Status
  • NEW FEATURE: Additional styling for default Gutenberg editor blocks
  • NEW FEATURE: Options presets for product category (Topic)
  • NEW FEATURE: Placeholder for product thumbnail if thumbnail is not set (Topic)
  • NEW FEATURE: “YITH Multivendor” plugin support
  • NEW FEATURE: Option hide “Read More” for blog posts
  • NEW FEATURE: “Keep page number in the URL” option for infinite pagination (Topic)
  • NEW FEATURE: Mobile DOM optimization option
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to rename Theme Settings presets
  • NEW FEATURE: Additional legacy widgets for Gutenberg editor
  • IMPROVED: Products prev-next navigation (Topic)
  • IMPROVED: Additional styling for “Dokan” plugin
  • FIXED: Slider style parallax
  • FIXED: Google map element in backend
  • FIXED: Header builder general tab translations
  • FIXED: For cart add alert with errors for variation product in product grid
  • FIXED: Dropdowns position with RTL (Topic)
  • FIXED: Maintenance mode option (Topic)
  • FIXED: Tooltip in compare and wishlist buttons
  • FIXED: Blog post meta dash separator
  • FIXED: Instagram save images
  • FIXED: Deprecated jQuery functions.
  • FIXED: Init AJAX search at load page
  • FIXED: Upsells and related products images size (Topic)
  • FIXED: WPML with HTML blocks (Topic)
  • FIXED: Stock progress bar PHP errors
  • FIXED: Swatches variation performance on the shop page
  • FIXED: Slider images loading performance
  • FIXED: Vendor page sidebar issue for “Dokan” plugin
  • FIXED: Element slider in plugin “Elementor Pro”
  • FIXED: CSS in HTML-block loaded as file now, and not inline (Topic)
  • FIXED: Tags taxonomy option in blog element (Topic)
  • FIXED: In the image gallery the buttons from the top right to work
  • FIXED: PHP errors in size-guide (Topic)
  • FIXED: The variations form initialized multiple times under certain conditions (Topic)
  • FIXED: The term ID option in the theme Settings Presets is working (Topic)
  • FIXED: Issue with the same thumbnail image and swatch image assigned to one product (Topic)
  • FIXED: Widgets are visible for edit mode or viewing mode in admin section (Topic)
  • FIXED: “Sort by” filter is load via AJAX in the shop (Topic)
  • FIXED: Page title on vendor page for “Dokan” plugin
  • UPDATED: Google fonts list