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Real Estate WordPress Theme

Homlisti – Real Estate WordPress Theme

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Real Estate Classified ads WordPress Theme

Homlisti is the best Real Estate WordPress theme with a creatively crafted, clean, contemporary, and classy layout. It has multiple features that make it perfect for showcasing your classified ads. Although it can serve websites in different niches, Homlisti is ideally suited to real estate websites.
This theme is a top-quality theme, from its ease of customization to its customization extensions. Since it is compatible with Gutenberg, Homlisti lets you use WordPress’s native user-friendly block builder to create your pages.

Real Estate WordPress Theme

This theme comes with the Elementor Page Builder, which is a popular choice with over 5 million active installations all over the globe. Both Elementor and Gutenberg allow you to customize your site using a drag & drop interface. This theme supports the live customizer for easy previews before publishing.
The theme’s basic features include 5 multi homepages. These homepage demos are fully equipped with pages and elements that a real estate listing website needs. Since Homlisti has the One-Click Demo Importer, you can install the demo you want your site to resemble in a single click.

Homlisti offers 5 unique header styles that can do more than 5 header variations. You can also edit the 2 footer styles extensively for remarkable results. Homlisti has various page variations, including 5 property layouts and 3 property detail layouts. You can use the 2 blog layouts to write SEO content. As you do so, you can make use of any of the 800+ Google Fonts, combining them as you wish.

You can control the theme options to affect the entire website from one place due to the robust Customize admin panel. Since Homlisti comes with the Child Theme, you can edit the parent theme extensively without losing the original layouts or the ones you create.

With Homlisti, you can showcase your custom ad fields in list view or using a robust search filter for more user-friendly views. You also get to control the fields for the listing and detail views of all the ads. With Ajax-enablement, you have search auto-completion and powerful category and location filters. Among the addons that you get with Homlisti are the Membership and WooCommerce enablement. The theme provides the option to view the real estate listings using a list map view. It also provides a map widget.

Homlisti comes with ReCAPTCHA control for login, registration, abuse, listing posting, and the contact form. The social share feature gives your users the freedom to share listings on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Homlisti is also fully responsive and fluid and has excellent mobile versions. It accommodates various payment gateways, including Authorize.net, PayPal, and Stripe. It makes your site translation ready and cross-browser compatible.

Unlimited Custom Fields

You can have unlimited categories with this theme. With a larger user base, you will also need the unlimited custom fields option that comes with Homlisti. Multiple Ad Types. With Homlisti, users can present various types of ads depending on what they want with their ads. They can be buy, sell, or to-let ads, and you can control this from the admin end.

User Dashboard

Apart from the admin’s dashboard, Homlisti avails each front-end user their own dashboard that they can control from their end. It is important to post new ads, promote single ads, check payments, delete ads, check favorite ads, and edit ads.

Earn from Ad Posting

Homlisti allows the site owner to earn money from posting various ad promotion options. Users can pay or pay more for top ads, bump up, and featured ads.

Membership Option

Homlisti has an agent facility that lets you earn more from having site membership and subscription. You can allow the members permission to all categories or the entire site and allow them a higher number of ads.

Agency & Agent Facility

With Homlisti, each one of your users can create their own separate stores. They can add big banners with business descriptions and the opening and closing times of the Agency page. This gives the visitors all the information and ads from the store straightforwardly.

Payment Gateways

Homlisti supports various payment gateways by default, including Offline, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. The latest version of this theme grants you integrated WooCommerce. Therefore, it supports all WooCommerce Payment Gateways, Coupons, and Invoices.

Live Chat

Homlisti has a live chat feature that allows buyers and sellers to communicate seamlessly.

Real Estate WordPress Theme
homlisti moible app

Real Estate WordPress Theme
Real Estate WordPress Theme
Real Estate WordPress Theme
Real Estate WordPress Theme
Real Estate WordPress Theme
Real Estate WordPress Theme

Some more features:

  • Based on Bootstrap 4 & Elementor Page Builder
  • 5 Home Pages (Multi Pages).
  • 4 Header Styles can do 5+ header variations.
  • 2 Footer style
  • 5 Property layouts.
  • 3 Property detail layouts.
  • 2 Blog Layouts
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder included – Elementor
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Unlimited Color Combinations.
  • Customizer Included so you can change real time of theme option.
  • Powerful Admin Panel by Redux.
  • Dynamic Page Header
  • Clean, Trending and Modern Design.
  • One Click Demo Importer.
  • Child Theme Included.
  • Supports all modern browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE11+.
  • WPML Translation Supported ( also pot file included)
  • Quick & Faster Support
  • Google Web Font
  • Detail Documentation Included.

Ads features:

  • Custom Fields Display in List View
  • Custom Fields in Search Filter
  • Settings for non Register user post ad (auto account created)
  • Category & Location AJAX Filter
  • AJAX auto complete Search
  • Membership & Store facility [Store Addon]
  • Google Map with API.
  • Top, Bump up & Featured ads option.
  • Set Listing duration no of days.
  • New Listing threshold no of days.
  • Fields control for Listing View.
  • Fields control for detail View.
  • Report as Abuse.
  • Add to Favorites.
  • Contact form on Listing detail Page.
  • No of Image control per listing.
  • Auto or Manually listing approve.
  • Max 3 Level of Location like State, City, Town or can set custom level.
  • Currency control.
  • Payment – Offline & PayPal Payment system, Authorize & Stripe.
  • Full Control of Email mail message and notification.
  • Primary, Link, Button & Label color control.
  • Image size control for Thumbnail, Gallery.
  • Max image upload size control.
  • Social Share Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Linked IN & Pinterest.
  • Re-captcha control for Registration, Listing, contact form and Report abuse form.
  • Permalink control for listing detail page.
  • Pricing option for each post.
  • Unlimited category.
  • Unlimited custom fields.
  • Import Location features.
  • Review & Rating.
  • Bump up ad.
  • Map widget to display ad markup location.
  • Map List View.


Font Awesome Icon – https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/




  • Ubuntu – https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Ubuntu
  • Roboto – https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Roboto

Change logs

Version 1.6.11 (Sep 21, 2022)

Fixed: Advance Search Pricing Symbol issue fixed 
Fixed: Widget separator bug fix
Fixed: Classified Listing Booking plugins compatibility fixed
Fixed: Single Listing slider arrow issue fixed

Version 1.6.10 (Sep 14, 2022)

Fixed: Listing Checkout submission form style fix
Fixed: Classified Listing – Multi Currency compatibility fixed
Fixed: RT Framework update bug fixed
Modify: Add Listing form updated
Updated: Classified Listing Pro Plugin updated

Version 1.6.9 (Sep 7, 2022)

Added: Listing isotope added for all layout
Added: Classified Listing Settings page style 
Fixed: Advance search price and symbol issue fix
Fixed: Page builder responsive issue fix 
Fixed: Advance search bug fix
Fixed: Advanced Search Category icon/image visibility issue
Fixed: Checkout payment style fix
Fixed: Some CSS fix
Fixed: PHP8 Compatibility
Updated: HomListi Core, RT Demo Importer, Classified Listing Pro, Classified Listing Store, and Review Schema Pro plugins updated

Version 1.6.8 (July 28, 2022)

Fixed: Multiple text-domain fixed issue 
Fixed: Some Security update
Fixed: Listing contact form bug fixed
Added: Some CSS added
Updated: Language file updated for theme and core plugin
Updated: Homelisti Core Plugin updated 

Version 1.6.7 (July 27, 2022)

Fixed: Customizer font issue fixed
Fixed: Preloader delay issue fixed
Fixed: Some button primary color missing fixed
Modified: Customizer Listing style label change
Updated: Classified Listing Pro, Classified Listing Store and Review Schema Pro plugins updated

Version 1.6.6 (July 7, 2022)

Fixed: Property mobile column not working
Fixed: Properties rating bug fixed
Fixed: Floor plan submission bug fixed
Updated: Classified Listing Store plugin and Documentation updated 

Version 1.6.5 (June 30, 2022)

Added: Listing excerpt limit option
Fixed: WooCommerce CSS fix for mobile app
Fixed: Listing details layout style confliction fixed
Fixed: CL – Seller Verification compatibility fixed
Updated: Homlisti Core, Classified Listing, and Classified Listing Store Plugin updated

Version 1.6.4 (June 23, 2022)

Added: Listing excerpt limit option
Fixed: WooCommerce CSS fix for mobile app
Update: Homlisti Core Plugin update

Version 1.6.3 (June 12, 2022)

Fixed: RCL Mobile verification compatibility
Fixed: Sticky Header bug fixed
Fixed: Listing category archive style issue fix
Fixed: Listing plugins update compatibility
Fixed: Some CSS issues fixed
Fixed: Header layout for customizer 
Update: Homlisti core and Classified Listing plugin update

Version 1.6.2 (May 18, 2022)

Fixed: Some Translation bug fix
Fixed: Agency settings 
Remove: Unused code remove
Updated: Homlisti Core, Classified Listing & Classified Listing store plugins updated

Version 1.6.1 (April 28, 2022)

Added: Related listing visibility option
Added: Customizer new style added
Added: Listing custom field visibility options for archive page 
Added: Listing details page sidebar visibility option
Fixed: Advanced Search widget CSS and Others CSS issue fixed
Fixed: Image placeholder RTL bug fix
Update: Homlisti Core, Classified Listing, Classified Listing – Agent,  and RT Framework plugins update

Version 1.6.0 (April 12, 2022)

Fixed: RTL issue fixed
Fixed: Some bugs fixed
Fixed: Store / Agency conflict fixed
Added: Widget default radius change options
Remove: Slick Slider Remove 
Updated Plugins: HomListi Core, Classified Listing Pro, Classified Listing Store, and Classified Listing – Agent plugins

Version 1.5.0 (Mar 26, 2022)

Added: Listing social icon added
Added: Listing Business hour added
Added: Agents functionality added
Fixed: Translated issue fix
Added: Elementor Property thumbnail visibility option 
Fixed: RTL slick slider fix bug fix
Fixed: Listing Image height issue fix
Fixed: Radius Search Default value 
Updated: HomListi Core, Classified Listing Pro, Classified Listing Store
Added: Classified Listing – Agent Plugin

Version 1.4.4 (Mar 02, 2022)

Fixed: iPhone safari preloader issue fix 
Fixed: Listing price separator issue 
Fixed: Quick chat functionality bug
Updated: Classified Listing Pro, Classified Listing Store

Version 1.4.3 (Feb 24, 2022)

Fixed: Agency page responsive issue
Fixed: Transparent menu active color issue 
Fixed: Listing label style conflict 
Fixed: Swiper slider broken in listing details page
Fixed: Elementor SVG icon functionality
Added: Agency Category added
Update: Classified Listing Plugin, Classified Listing Store, Homlisti Core

Version 1.4.2 (Feb 10, 2022)

Fixed: Listing Social Icon
Fixed: Listing business hours
Fixed: Listing archive carouse height issue fix
Fixed: Homilist Advance Serch Widget saved  button not working
Improve: Some CSS
Remove: Bootstrap from Listing Settings
Update: Homlisti Core Plugin & Review Schema Pro  update

Version 1.4.1 (Feb 03, 2022)

Fixed: User avatar upload issue fix
Fixed: Social share icon for listing details page
Fixed: Author Avatar bug fix
Fixed: On-call Pricing bug fix
Fixed: Listing Contact form bug fix
Fixed: Listing label show hide issue fix
Fixed: Listing Price & Ad Type visibility conflict issue fix
Added: Advance search reset functionality 
Added: Advance search Others Features options hide button

Version 1.4 (Jan 26, 2022)

Add: Transparent menu hover color option
Add: Some CSS fixed 
Add: Search icon on header
Add: All used color change options 
Fix: Related product slider broken fix
Fix: Header topbar condition bug fix
Fix: homepage 5 banner blur image fix 
Update: Homlisti Core plugin update

Version 1.3.9 (Jan 20, 2022)

Added: Listing map filter min price and max price options added
Added: Single listing heading button area visibility options
Added: Listing details page owner info visibility options 
Fixed: Swiper slider bug fix
Updated: Homlisti core plugin update
Updated: Classified Listing Pro, Classified Listing Free, Classified Listing Store Plugins update

Version 1.3.8 (Jan 05, 2022)

Fixed: Listing not found text style fix
Added: Property promotions filter (Top, Featured, Bump Up)
Added: Single property layout-2 category
Update: Homlisti Core Plugin plugin  & Classified Listing Pro plugin 

Version 1.3.7 (Jan 03, 2022)

Fixed: Property Grid & List archive layout bug fix
Fixed: Widget label translation issue fix
Fixed: Property Search filter css issue fix
Added: Admin bar visibility Options added 
Added: Added image slider for each RT Properties
Update: Homlist Core plugin update & Classified Listing Pro plugin update

Version 1.3.6 (Dec 17, 2021)

Fix: Compare page issue fixed
Fix: Properties layout-2 modal broken fixed
Fix: Section parallax bug fix
Fix: Favourite icon visibility
Improvement: Mortgage Calculator convert to JS
Plugins Update: Homlisti Core, Classified Listing, Classified Listing Store

Version 1.3.5 (Dec 13, 2021)

Add: A New Homepage 
Add: Logo width/height issue control
Add: Footer style 2 Options
Add: Listing Category Block
Add: New layout for Listing Location, Agent, Testimonial.
Fix: Advance search google location - Done
Update: Classified Listing Pro plugin update
Update: Classified Listing Store plugin update

Version 1.3.4 (Nov 12, 2021)

Fix: Some bug fix
Fix: Membership page css issue fix
Fix: Advance Search widget bug fix
Modify: RT Properties block modify
Modify: Section Title block modify
Add: Newsletter widget in footer
Add: Added new options in Customizer
Remove: Remove Instagram Feed widget 
Fix: Listing Details page bug fix
Update: Update Documentation
Update: Homlisti Core Plugin Update

Version 1.3.3 (Nov 05, 2021)

Fixed: Properties form dual submit button issue
Fixed: Pricing Type hide issue
Updated: HomListi Core plugin
Updated: Classified Listing Pro plugin

Version 1.3.2 (Nov 03, 2021)

Update: Core Plugin update
Fix: Some bug
Fix: Listing Submit form bug
Fix: Top bar color CSS fix
Add: Images width/height added
Add: Advance Search Category image 
Add: Advance Search Layout

Version 1.3.1 (Nov 02, 2021)

Fix: Some Error fix
Update: Core plugin update 
Update: Update All Plugins
Fix: RT Properties widget bug fix
Fix: Properties Translation issue fix
Add: Menu background options added 

Version 1.3 (Oct 26, 2021)

Added: Woocommerce support
Fixed: Some bug

Version 1.2 (Oct 04, 2021)

Fixing: Header Transparent Logo
Fixing: Listing Details Page CSS
Update: Documentation
Update: Section title modified
Update: Client Logo 

Version 1.1 (Sep 30, 2021)

Add: RTL Support 
Add: Flat Icon Added
Update: All Pro Plugins 
Update: Theme Optimization 
Add: Review Schema Added bu plugin