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Grid Plus Plugin

Grid Plus is a premium wordpress grid plugin which allows you create unlimited layout and display all post types in a fully customizable and responsive grid system. It is perfectly suited for displaying your blog, portfolio, e-commerce or any kind of WordPress post type.


  • Fully responsive clean design
  • Unlimited color.
  • Unlimited layout
  • Grid, Masonry, Carousel, Metro, Justified layout
  • Add more skin by filter hook
  • Import & Export layout
  • Filter galleries with gallery categories
  • Ready for translation (.mo file is included). Available: English, Germany, Spain
  • Well Documented
  • Quick & Easy setup
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Export and import layout

Video How To

Change Log

v3.2 (15-Jan-2021)

  • Fix warning session start

v3.1 (01-Dec-2020)

  • Fix error 404 when preview page

v3.0 (22-Oct-2020)

  • Fix media metabox from WordPress 5.0

v2.9 (28-August-2020)

  • Fix script color picker alpha with WordPress version 5.5

v2.8 (06-June-2020)

  • Update config columns

v2.7 (09-November-2019)

  • Fixed display excerpt for html format

Change Log

v2.6 (01-November-2019)

  • Fixed display custom link for attachment when paging

v2.5 (24-October-2019)

  • Fixed option disable link for skin woocommerce

v2.4 (19-October-2019)

  • Update view video for attachment

v2.3 (07-July-2019)

  • Fixed: orderby query

v2.2 (18-May-2019)

  • Fixed: conflict script clipboard with wordpress 5.0

v2.1 (23-Nov-2018)

  • Fixed: Conflict js library between Underscore and Lodash

v2.0 (16-April-2018)

  • Updated: Allow include posts on source filter

v1.9 (30-March-2018)

  • Updated: Allow choose pages instead of posts, media…etc


  • Added: Remove All Data grid plus
  • Fixed: Choose woocommerce category, tag
  • Added: Allow custom link for all post type


  • Fixed error conflict tab, accordion when using with Visual Composer
  • Updated feature allow to choose category show tab multiline or not
  • Fixed pagination type “Load More” in layout “Metro”
  • Added feature “center” option to “Carousel Options”
  • Added feature allow to choose image from media.
  • Added feature allow filter resource for post type “Posts” and “Product” (examlple: recent, newest, best sale, …)
  • Added feature allow to choose “Custom Content” skin from post type (default is “page”)
  • Added feature allow to “Change item ratio” in layout “Metro”

v1.6 (14-April-2017)

  • Fixed: Gutter on layout masonry
  • Fixed: Fix crop image error

v1.5 (06-April-2017)

  • Added: Allow disable link to item detail
  • Added: Add “Thumnail Only” for Skins
  • Added: Add “None” for item animation option
  • Added: Save when pressing “ctrl + s”
  • Added: Allow to select grid from editor
  • Added: Add some color attributes in Back-end
  • Added: Allow link to item detail on thumbnail click
  • Added: maintain the “active element” status while running ajax
  • Added: justified-gallery
  • Fixed: tooltip error in woocommerce
  • Fixed: Re-style for woocommerce skin
  • Fixed: for selecting total item show all
  • Fixed: Handling “owl-carousel” conflict between plugin and theme
  • Fixed: Re-init paging navigation after click on Category filter item
  • Fixed: Fix pagination, category filter on mobile, tablet
  • Update: optimized js
  • Update: Re-style some css attributes
  • Update: Auto-narrow category when too long
  • Update: Change style for dots, nav in Carousel layout

v1.4 (09-March-2017)

  • Fix error post-format ui when theme doesn’t add post-format
  • Fix error image ratio on layout metro
  • Fix error filter category for post-type media
  • Fix error filter when doesn’t choose category on all post type
  • Add dynamic crop image size
  • Add skin for woocommerce
  • v1.2 (23-February-2017)

v1.1 (21-February-2017)

  • Fix conflict script in add grid screen on some theme
  • Add infinite scroll in pagination
  • Update appear animation

v1.0 (13-February-2017)

  • Initial version
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